Master Linque Automation


Design & Development

3D Design platform

FMEA analysis

3D Model Simulation

Proto Modeling & testing


R&D Wing

Robotic Turnkey Solution

Robot Deflashing On Plastics

Robot Dispensing Solutions

Robot Hot Insertion On Plastics

Robot Machining Process With ATC (Drilling, Milling & Grinding)

Robot Metal Welding (TIG & MIG) & Ultrasonic Welding Solutions

Robot Ultrasonic Welding (Plastic)

Assemble Technology

Automotive Handles and Trim

Medical ProductAssembly

Dispensing Solutions

PCB Assembly

Plastic & Metal Assembly

Motor Assembly

Testing & Inspection Solutions

Vision Inspection solutions

Leak Testing Machines

Area & Line Scanning Inspection

Durability Testing Machines

Endurance & Proof Testing Machines

Software Testing

Material Handling

Feeding Solutions

Conveyor Systems

Vision Assisted Material Handling

EOAT Solutions

Packing Solutions

Robotic Material Handling

Marking and Traceability Solutions

Dot Pin Marking Solutions

Laser Marking Solutions

Printer Application of Bar Code, QR Code

Auto Scanning Solutions

Data Traceability and logging

industrial Inkjet Printing

Software and Controls

PC Based Solution

Data Acquisition System

PLC & HMI Controls

Support and Service

After Sale Services

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